Milorad Dodik served another scandal to Russian diplomacy

Milorad Dodik served another scandal to Russian diplomacy

In Year 2015, Milorad Dodik, as the former Ambassador of BiH to Russia Gordan Milinić claims and says, received a kilo of gold as a gift!? A few days ago, a clan of Serbian extremists and separatists, led by Dodik, gave a gift to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lawrov, a mysterious gold orthodox icon, which most likely has the same “weight”.

On all occasions, in order to cover up the “biography” of the mysterious golden icon, the organization of Serbian separatists (MPs who unanimously deny the genocide in Srebrenica or the verdicts of the Hague Tribunal) played the well-known play of “institutionalization” of indicatively possible crime:

The so-called The Bosnian Serb opposition, led by “young nationalists” and cadres from other parties (except the SNSD), according to the old scenario, in fact, supports everything that happens in the smaller entity of BiH, from its bloody crimes and genocide, to this day.

So now that organization, embodied in the Assembly of a smaller entity, is trying to “legalize” and “legalize” the “mysterious icon” and it is not excluded that possible crime will be placed in the context of “Serbian national interest”.

The problem is that the Ukrainian authorities have already started the investigation, although everything is clear as day.

In any case, the humiliation to which Milorad Dodik exposed the Russian Federation and thus President Putin is proof that Russia's flirtation with anti-civilization policies and organizations undermines the already damaged reputation of the entire Russian Federation.